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Appearance and Characteristics

Appearance : Yellow to greenish powder or prills
Melting point : 182℃ min.
Ash : 0.05% max.
Heating loss : 0.1% max.


PHENOTHIAZINE is a polymerization inhibitor that is effective in preventing polymerization in monomers such as acrylic acid and its esters, methacrylic acid and its esters, chloroprene, and others.

Packing : 20kg paper bag (Powder : 10kg paper bag)
CAS RN : 92-84-2

Appearance and Characteristics

Appearance : Yellow to yellow brown liquid
Content(phenothiazine) : 23 – 27%


PHENOTHIAZINE G4 is a polymerization inhibitor solution. It is produced by dissolving solid phenothiazine in a high-boiling-point solvent. Because it is in liquid form, it can be easily added to liquids in which phenothiazine may have difficulty dissolving. In terms of performance, it can be expected to provide the same polymerization inhibiting effect as phenothiazine.

Packing : 175kg drum
CAS RN : 92-84-2,143-24-8