Manufacturing & sales business of polymerization inhibitors

Safety and security for a variety of products around us

We provide polymerization inhibitors that suit various purposes.

A chemical compound called polymerizable monomer, such as acrylic acid and methacrylic acid, is widely used as a raw material in indispensable materials for our daily lives such as super-absorbent polymers and synthetic fibers. However, many of these raw materials are chemically unstable and become polymerized during processing and storage unexpectedly when exposed to heat or light.
Polymerization inhibitors are chemical agents that control this unexpected polymerization and stabilize polymerizable monomers.

Materials to which our polymerization inhibitors are added are used in the following end products:

  • Automobile headlights and paint

  • Resin for semiconductors

  • Resin for liquid crystal displays

  • Disposable diapers

  • Adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives

  • Resin for housing (components) of bathtubs and washbasins, etc.

Although there are few opportunities to see polymerization inhibitors in our daily lives, they are used in a variety of products around us.
We are proud that our products are used in many things around us and that we can do business with many chemical companies in Japan and abroad. Our policy is to provide you a warm and enriched life by increasing the safety of products around us through the manufacturing and sales of chemicals.

We can provide products that suit a variety of purposes, including amine polymerization inhibitors and hydroquinone polymerization inhibitors. We strive to provide professional services that support the manufacturing of our clients in the background.

Manufacturing & sales business of chemicals for rubbers

Succeeded in the first domestic production of anti-aging agents for rubber

We resolve clients’ issues with our reliable technology.

Among the chemicals used for rubber, we specialize in anti-aging agents for rubber. Rubber is used in various products, but it deteriorates due to the effects of temperature, vibration, sunlight, and other factors. Anti-aging agents prevent such deterioration and improve the stability of rubber.

Our anti-aging agents for rubber are useful not only for daily necessities such as rubber gloves and rubber bands but also for the following products:

  • Various automotive components

    (water-cooling tubes, engine mounts, boot shafts, windshields, rubber moldings, etc.)

  • Sealing and packing for machines

  • Covering materials for electric wires

  • Soles

  • Rubber gloves

New Aid, the proprietary anti-tack agent for rubber that we have developed, is an aqueous liquid product that has enabled us to improve work environments covered with dust by preventing adhesion of rubber where a powdered product was traditionally used.

We were the first company to succeed in domestic production of anti-aging agents for rubber in 1946, and we have accumulated reliable technologies and achievements down to the present day through the changing times. We have also accumulated know-how related to rubber testing, so we are confident that we can provide solutions to your rubber-related issues.
We are happy to help our clients so that the rubber products that are ubiquitous in our daily lives can be used safely.

Research & Development

Assisting clients with more than 70 years of experience and technology

We support research and development of new products and contract manufacturing of chemicals.

We also focus on research and development of new products by making use of our accumulated technology and experience.
We solve problems related to materials that various material manufacturers that handle rubber products or chemicals face when creating new products. In addition to the proposal of existing products, we offer a one-stop service from development of various chemicals to manufacturing in accordance with the needs of manufacturers.

We are always challenging ourselves to search for new compounds as well as to develop new applications for existing compounds. Please contact us if you need help with material properties and performance.

We are also actively involved in contract manufacturing using a variety of chemical reactions including hydrogenation reaction, alkylation reaction, chlorination reaction, and condensation reaction. We will continue to make earnest efforts to help our clients achieve their dreams and expand the possibilities of materials by utilizing all the knowledge we have accumulated over the decades.


Earning the trust of our clients through superior quality

We continue to maintain and improve our quality management system in cooperation with each department.

Our quality management department is pursuing product quality management through the following efforts:

  • Formulation and maintenance of quality management system based on ISO9001 (product quality)

  • 6S principles

The 6S principles are our unique initiative that adds development (in Japanese, Seibi) to the traditional 5S principles (Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain). We manufacture some production equipment in-house and perform maintenance of this equipment. Employees working at the plant always have an awareness of the issues and continuously work to improve productivity and ensure safe and secure production.

As the standardization of manufacturing processes is progressing worldwide, clients’ demand for product quality is also increasing. We respond to such demand, and the quality management department, manufacturing department, and technology department will continue to work together to thoroughly maintain and improve the quality management system. We will also contribute to making sustainable manufacturing possible for our clients as well as our company.

Production & Environment

Possessing production equipment know-how

We protect the global environment and value people.

Our production equipment is mainly multi-plant (multi-purpose equipment) and a batch system that is suitable for multi-product small volume production of fine chemicals. We have knowledge about equipment as well as technology and industrial chemical manufacturing, so we can reliably create the products and quality that our clients desire.

We also give great attention to the production environment.
We have obtained ISO14001 certification and work to minimize environmental impact not only by complying with laws when discharging chemicals but also by maintaining and establishing a production system that reduces emissions.
We also make efforts to reduce CO2 emissions such as by using natural gas as a heat source and energy-efficient LED for the lighting of our facilities. In these ways, we include a perspective of protecting the global environment as we engage in our business activities.


Seiko Chemical was established on the basis of engineers’ dreams. It was founded with the aim of achieving domestic production of anti-aging agents for rubber and remains active to this day thanks to the support of many clients.

Stakeholders including clients and employees are at the center of our values as we operate our business. We will continue to maintain our well-established culture of valuing on people and strive to innovate while giving consideration to the global environment.